Archive 2018

The 35th IFATCA Asia Pacific Regional Meeting will be held on 16th - 18th October at Kuala Lumpur.
3 applicants (1 from each stream) will be selected as official duty, 4 other will be subsidized with the registration fee.
Deadline will be 15th August, don't miss the chance. Interested colleagues please approach any ex-com member.

The Trilateral (Singapore - Thailand - Hong Kong) Technical Visit 2018 will be held from 17th - 18th September at Singapore.

The event will conclude with the 5th Pilots and ATC Symposium organized by Air Traffic Controllers Association Singapore on the 19th September.
Perfect fit for Team D colleagues. More details will be published later on.

In view of the growing sources of distraction in ATC environment, the IFACA 55th Annual Conference (2016) had compiled a guidance material on the aspect of Educational Issues on Distraction. (IFATCA 16 WP no. 304).
You can find the working paper here, or you can check out THIS docuement which is an extraction of the working paper.
They are both available under the IFATCA resources section.

The May 2018 issue of The Controller is out.
It can be found HERE or under the IFATCA resources page.

The new Executive Committee for session 2018 - 2019 had been successfully elected in last Friday's AGM.
Details in the ABOUT page.

The agenda of the upcoming Annual General Meeting is now availble on notice boards in the Centre and Tower.
It is also available to be downloaded HERE.

The Annual General Meeting of the Association session 2017 - 2018 will be held on 18th May 2018.
For details please check the notice board.

Next month there will be a technical visit to Vietnam ATCC and ATFMC at Hanoi on 8th June.
On 10th - 12th July it will the East Asia ATM Coordination Meeting which will be held at Cebu.
Colleagues interested please enroll at the notice board at ATCC or contact any of the Ex-com member.

It will be the 50th Anniversary of the Association this year since it registered as a trade union in 1967.
Come join us on March 15th to celebrate such memorable occasion. Enrollment form available at the notice boards.
Details are available under the NEWS page

The 57th IFATCA Annual Conference will be held at Accra, Ghana, West Africa from 19th to 23rd March 2018.
Colleagues who are interested please contact members of the executive committee. For details check out the IFATCA Resource page.

The HKATCA will visit the Guangzhou ACC and Nanbu control unit on 15th Jan 2018.
Colleagues who are interested please contact members of the executive committee.
Details are under the NEWS section.

The 34th IFATCA Asia Pacific Regional Meeting 2017 was held on 19-21 October 2017.
The HKATCA had sent representative to attend the meeting and paid an technical visit to New Zealand ATC.
Report of such visit is now available under the IFATCA section.